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Full-size home, leather and boat cleaning products for free to review

- TriNova has a great VIP program going where you can get full-size home, leather and boat cleaning products for free to review. This program has the following products up for grabs to test and review if you are approved: Ceramic Cooktop cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Hardwood Floor Polish, Headlight Restoration Kit or Car Wash Foam Canon and more. Sound like a product you’d like? As long as you are willing to provide fast feedback you have a shot at getting some cleaners!
- You can join here:
- You can see it's been verified here:

Free Solar Eclipse Glasses

- Get Free Solar Eclipse Glasses from your local library. They have distributed over 2 million free eclipse glasses and 4,000 education kits to over 7,000 library locations. To find a participating library in your area, zoom in on the interactive map, then click on a drop pin for contact information.

Free Fatima Centennial Medal

- When You Wear, Or Carry With You, The Fatima Centennial Medal, You Will See These Words Written Across Your Medal And Be Reminded Of Mary’s Special Promise To Those Who Love Her And Heed Her Message Of Hope Given At Fatima.
- Donation Not Rqrd.
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