Free Stuff Items

General Mills Advisory Panel

- MAP is a group of consumers willing to share their opinions about food with General Mills. By joining MAP and participating in our projects, you will have the opportunity to influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills products.

Brooks Shoes Product Testing Program

- Want to make great gear even greater? Keep testing it. It’s the science we live by, and we’re recruiting you to help. As a Product Tester, you’ll be on the cutting edge, directly informing the development of our new footwear and apparel.
- Think you have what it takes?

Free 2018 Art Guide From Great American Art

- A custom design framework designed to help you shape and communicate your vision
- Collaboration tools that make it simple to work with a professional designer
- A designer curated gallery of artwork showcasing different types, styles, and ideas
- A look under the design hood with insight into how art is used to create different kinds of spaces and different kinds of experiences

Free Lick-A-Bubble Flavored Bubbles

-Apply for the chance to try Lick-A-Bubbles Flavored Bubbles for free with The Insiders! Complete the form on the linked page to apply for your chance to receive a free Lick-A-Bubbles VIP Package! Apply by January 18th.
Your Free VIP Pack Includes:
- 1 x 2 Pack of Lick-A-Bubble For You
- 1 x 2 pack of Lick-A-Bubble For a Friend
- 1 Campaign Guide
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