Free Stuff Items

Free Woody Pack From Wheel

- Life For Those Who Are A Quadriplegic Or Have A Spinal Cord Injury That Has Caused You To Have Limited Hand Dexterity.
Woody Packs Include:
- Zip Ties,Id Holders,adaptive Forks & Spoons, A Cup With A Closeable Top And Long Straws That You Can Heat Up And Bend Into Different Shapes To Make Drinking Easier, a Wheelchair Cup Holder, A Wheelchair Side Bag And A Handy Zap (A Ring With A Stylus Attached To It That Can Be Used On Many Different Types Of Electronic And Touch Screen Devices).
- The Woody Pack Also Includes An Adaptive Velcro Strap In The Backpack That Allows You To Slide A Pen, A Spoon, A Knife, A Fork Or Any Other Tool You May Need Under That Strap, And The Adaptive Strap Will Hold It Next To Your Hand.

Freebies From Team Valvoline

- Register and you’ll receive 550 points, which will instantly be good for a Paul Menard or Bobblehead Hero Card. Plus they have a license plate frame for 1,500 points.
- Earn more points by reading articles, taking quizzes, and connecting your social media accounts. Rewards include hats, hoodies, tee shirts, and more.

Free Bible From World Bible Project

Choices include:
- 365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories.
- Children’s Bible - New Testament.
- King James Version.
- La Bible du Semeur, French - New Testament.
- My City, My God - New Testament for Teens.
- New International Version.
- New King James Version.
- Reina Valera, Spanish Bible.

Become A Mogul Ambassador And Get Free Swag

Around the world #62MillionGirls are denied the right to an education. Here, at Mogul, we are proud to support women's education by enabling them to exchange knowledge and explore opportunities together. Become a leader in our movement and spread the word by inviting your friends to Mogul.
- Refer 10 friends and get: Mogul stickers
- Refer 25 friends: A Mogul iPhone case
- Refer 50 friends: A 15-minute call with Mogul CEO Tiffany Pham.

Free Pause For Inspiration Pocket Sized Cards

- 1) Easy to carry pocket-sized cards: Carry in your purse, bag, briefcase, wallet.
- 2) Post in any room of your home, at work, at school, your locker, the mirror.
- 3) Place beside your computer, alarm clock, telephone; Pause before you surf the Internet, email, communicate, move into your day, think, say and do.
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