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Four Free Tilly-Bear 2017 Pocket Calendars(For Sase)

- The Front Of This Year's 2017 Pocket Calendar.
- Shows A Picture Of Abbess Tilly-Bear From The Teddy Bear Monastery Reminding Us That We Always Have The Holy Spirit With Us This Year.
- We're Sending Four Pocket Calendars With Each Request - One For You And Three To Share With Friends. However, The Supplies Of Our 2017 Pocket Calendars Are Limited. Order Early So You Don't Miss Out On A Single Day Of The Year 2017.
- To Get Yours, Rush A Self-Addressed Stamped 3 1/2 By 6 1/2 Inch Envelope With A Single Forever Stamp (One Ounce Postage) To Tilly-Bear To At The Address On Site.

Free Monthly Activity Planner

- Free Monthly Activity Planner to Mommy's that sign up and accept The 100 Mommy Challenge.
- A Challenge for moms to step away from Distractions (Tv, social media, etc) for One Hour, everyday for 100 days, and spend that as quality time with your child(ren).
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